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We develop mobile apps focused on beauty and appeal. Knowledge, discipline and hard work are the sources of our inspiration.
What we do

Dream. Design. Develop.

At Jetkite, we are building robust and reliable mobile apps with an elegant interface. Our users love what we make for them.


Every new app starts with a dream! We collect bright ideas and turn them into masterpieces.


We approach app design with an artists perspective, ensuring they possess a strong aesthetic appeal.


We specialize in crafting robust and reliable apps, meticulously ensuring they are free from any bugs or glitches.

Aim for perfection 🧿

Our app development life cycle is a well-structured journey that covers everything from initial ideas to the final application. We start by brainstorming and refining creative ideas, then move to planning the app's features and design. After that, we build the app using the latest technologies, ensuring it works smoothly. We test rigorously to catch any issues before making the app available to users. But our work doesn't stop there – we continue to monitor and support the app after launch, providing updates and fixes to keep it efficient and user-friendly. This cycle reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality apps that evolve with user needs and technological advancements.

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Design and code
  • Test. Test. Test.
  • Publish worldwide
  • Improve with feedbacks
Our apps

The Clock

Alarm | Timer | Stopwatch | World Clock

The Clock features a reliable alarm clock with extreme functions. It combines all of the functionality you need into one simple, beautiful package. It is designed to create, edit and remove multiple alarms in the easiest way. It can be used to wake up in the morning or setup reminders or TODOs for your daily tasks.

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We are searching for passionate teammates who shares the same dream. At Jetkite, we believe in teamwork, creativity and growth. By joining us, you are becoming a valued member of united and supportive team, where your unique talents shine. Here are the open positions:

  • Product/Operations Manager
  • IOS Developer (Mid-Senior)
  • UI/UX Expert
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